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Trev Rich Interview

Following a co-sign with Joe Budden and being featured on the “A Loose Quarter” mixtape, Trev Rich blew up. Then he dropped his own mixtape and “Heights” cemented his place in the music industry as “one to watch”. This week Trev released “Word” and has been mentioning a remix of Eminem’s “Seduction” and “Heights 2” on Twitter. So I thought I’d grab the Denver, Colorado rapper for an interview for Colorado’s best music website,, and gain some insight on his upcoming projects, his dream collaboration and who he thinks is the hottest emcee in the game right now. 


For those reading, who may not know about you and your music, would you like to give us a brief overview?

My real name is my rap name. I’m from Denver,Co and Ill let my music speak for itself. Check it out if you haven’t.

You dropped Heights around new year, in hindsight how do you feel about the mixtape now? Do you regret anything or are you overwhelmed with how much positive reception you got?

Very proud of Heights. It set a personal bar that I’m gonna take even higher with Heights 2. Very overwhelmed with the perception I love the love, and the hate too.

I don’t think it is unfair to say that a lot of your fans, including myself, became so due to the Joe Budden co-sign, how did that come about? 

Twitter. Simply Twitter. I explain the full story on Heights 2. I don’t wanna spoil it right now.

Do you feel any remorse at the fact it took a feature on someone else’s mixtape for you to blow up or are you just happy it actually happened?

Not at all. I don’t care how it happens as long as it does. Joe helped the politics away in my favor. You can tell my the support of blogs after dreams was released. I’m forever thankful.


I have a lot of respect for the Squizzy Gang you’re apart of, and trying to listen to as much music from the camp as I can..But I’m confused as to what Squizzy Gang actually is? A label? A music group? or just a group of friends? Care to clarify?

A Group of musicians. A lot of teams call themselves labels not knowing what the hell a label actually does. We won’t make that mistake. A group of dope artists.

L Keys is the next Squizzy Gang member to drop a mixtape with “Street Famous”. Presuming you’ve listened to the tape. What can we expect from it and what is your favourite track?

I’ve only heard on track and that’s the one I’m on. Keys has been real secretive about this project. I wanna hear it just like everyone else. I know it’s gonna be dope though.


You’ve been dropping a couple songs recently, and tweeted regarding a Heights 2. When can we expect that to drop?

May 28th.

You have also been mentioning “Seduction”, a remix of the Eminem track off of Recovery. It is very dangerous to be remixing arguably the most popular rappers songs, what made you do so?

I’m a firm believer in stirring the pot. I don’t give a shit who gets mad someone will appreciate it. This is what hip-hop is about. Fuck politics fuck rules fuck feelings. Just. Make. Good. Music. Timeless music.


If you could get a collaboration with any artist in the world right now, who would it be?

H.O.V.. No doubt. I hadn’t been much of a Jay fan coming up because my intellect wasn’t polished enough. Now I see clearly. (Laughs) Honestly not even a feature, I just wanna pick his brain. NH

MTV are currently naming their top 10 for hottest emcees in the game, who do you think is number 1?

I don’t know I could careless though to be honest. Ill care when I’m up there.


As a last word, is there anything in particular you want to say to the world? 

Heights 2. Coming Soon. MME/ Squizzy shit.

If you haven’t already, download Heights (click here) and follow Trev Rich on Twitter(click here). Let me know what you think of this post via twitter(click here) ending your posts with #TrevInterview.

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