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Trev Rich – Heights 2 Interview

With two days to go until Heights 2 drops, I grabbed Trev Rich for a second interview to grab his thoughts on how he’s handling the new found fame, whether he believes he takes the second installment of Heights to a new height and if we can expect an album any time soon. 


On “Dream Killers” you claim you have no time to answer questions, so thanks for finding the time for a Q&A with me. It’s been three month since our last interview…What’s new, how have you been?

Trev: I’ve been working probably the hardest I’ve ever worked to not only find new motivation but to be consistent enough to complete a quality project. That’s not the same as the last one! It got more personal.

I was a little irritated that days after our interview, someone from MMG retweeted one of your songs, did anything come out of that? How does it feel knowing your fan base and exposure is growing daily?

Trev: It feels good to know that I stayed true to myself and people appreciate and support that. Now I feel like I cant go wrong with just giving them me

One of your fans drew a picture of you, that has got to be an overwhelming feeling right? I tweeted to you at that time it was a sign of you making it. What were your thoughts when you seen the drawing?

Trev: Shock. Someone really took the time out of their day to do a chalk drawing of me. It was a humbling experience. Shout out Chase by the way.

Now that you’re undoubtedly a major figure in Colorado’s Hip Hop scene, where do you go to escape from the pressure of dropping such high quality mixtapes?

Trev: My room. [Laughs] Really that’s the only getaway I can find in it all. It’s an overwhelming lifestyle and it really can take control of you if you let it. I figure out what works for me and stick to it!

In the last interview, you claimed you were going to take it even higher with Heights 2, do you think that goal has been achieved?

Trev: Of course I do. I opened my my mind and gave you more of me. Heights was just a story of one day. 2 is more of a battle within myself. There’s really a thin line between insanity and genius and i wanted this project to be that thin line. You get rapper Trev, lover Trev, fed up Trev, spiritual Trev, everything. You see the balance of a career and a relationship. In most situations rappers would want to choose between love and a dream I’m not. Heights 2 was the process of trying to make everything work at the same time.  You’ll either love it or hate it. No in between in my opinion.

What is your personal favourite track of the mixtape?

Trev: Can’t choose. They’re all my children no favorites.

You’ll see in my review of Heights 2 that I loved the mixtape, but there was one thing which disappointed me. No MME features? Why?

Trev: Everybody is really busy doing their own thing. We all live in different states on different schedules. There are a few things in the works though. I feel like all the features on the project were actually perfect fits. I just didn’t want to throw songs together because of a name.

Despite his vocal absence on the tape, was Joe giving you much advice behind the scenes or is this a tape managed solely by you with no outside influence?

Trev: Nah this was just me and a close knit group of people in Denver with me. I didn’t want a lot of input i just wanted to do what i felt. They agreed.

Are we going to get a Trev Rich / Joe Budden collaboration any time soon?

Trev: You never know with Joe. Its a hit or miss. Maybe one day.

You’ve been getting a load of attention from plenty of blogs recently. Notably 2DopeBoyz, and of course MileHiMusic and TheRootMusic which I write for. How much do you value the blog sites supporting you? Is there any blog you aspire to feature on?

Trev: I love it! the blogs are definitely apart of this machine and we appreciate all of them that support the movement. No single one stands out. It all counts.

Two successful mixtapes, three including the Special Edition of Heights 1. Is it time for an album yet? 

Trev: That’s what New Forever is. Already working on it.

When can we expect New Forever?

Trev: September.

What else can we expect in the next six months from Trev Rich? Any tours or features we should particularly look out for?

Trev: All of that! But I promised the fans more visuals this time so I’m really gonna buckle down do a lot of artwork, videos, etc. It’s time for it.

Thank you for the interview, any last words?

Trev: Heights 2. 6/7 Thanks for your support. Shoutout to everybody rocking with me. Special shoutout to KMG STUDIOS! They did a lot for this project. It sounds amazing.


So its official! We have Trev Rich’s debut album, “New Forever”, coming in September. For now you can enjoy a stand out track from Heights 2 in “Red Cup Blues”. Heights 2 will be available Friday the 7th of June, follow @_TrevRich on Twitter for the link and my review of the tape will be available on soon too. 


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Tommy Borash
Tommy Borash
10 years ago

Pretty good interview. Never heard of Trev Rich but he comes off as well spoken, humble and articulate. The interview didn’t use a lot of filler questions, but got to the point and asked questions which applied well to both music and performer. Should have more interviews, I really enjoyed the in-depth talk here.

Akash Datta
Akash Datta
10 years ago

Great interview. Very well written. Now I know what to expect from Heights 2 and I’m really looking forward to it. The snippets sound amazing and I can’t even imagine how good the mixtape will be. Brilliant job with the interview, Lee! And congratulations and a big thank you to Trev Rich for giving us such a stellar project. Can’t wait.

10 years ago

These are my favorite type of pieces, getting to know the person behind the art in raw form. Great to see artists and blogs/sites work together for the better of both. I definitely will be checking out Heights 2 and everything that follows!

Nancy Santana
Nancy Santana
10 years ago

This is really a nice interview. The anticipation makes Friday seems sooo far away. Favorite part of the whole interview was when Trev said: “It feels good to know that I stayed true to myself and people appreciate and support that. Now I feel like I cant go wrong with just giving them me.”

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