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Trev Rich: Breathe (Single Review)

“Moon Walking On The Sun, Getting Harassed By Billie Jean”


The latest installment of “#TrevThursdays” see’s the Colorado emcee deliver something his fans have eagerly been waiting for, for the past seven months. A video. The song which is given a visual accompaniment is a throw back to Trev before he became Trev Rich and before the “Dreams”, Joe Budden co-sign. Ten months ago, Trev released “Breathe” featuring FL of The Foodchain to his official SoundCloud, but the track could originally by found on the Rockie G5 “Gold Dreams” street album. The track evidences that even before he was signed to Mood Muzik Entertainment, Trev was tantalisingly talented behind the microphone.

My favourite lines of the track are the Michael Jackson reference, quoted above, and “Lebron gon’ get a ring before she does” and the bar which follows on “Never been the type to make that ass sign a prenup, but after seeing all the Kobe jokes she gotta ink up”. Trev has a particular skill when focusing metaphors and wordplay around Basketball, I wonder if a remix of Budden’s “NBA” track could be a future TrevThursday track? The featured FL manages to keep up with Trev,bar for bar but I’m not sure if any particular bar could be highlighted as a stand out because they’re all consistently great, at a push I would choose the “sow/seed/grow” wordplay, but everything which follows is equally as enjoyable.

The video, brought to us courtesy of Emergency Room Films, contains a mixture of both high and low key lighting, the quality appears to decrease in the darker scenes but the brighter the lighting, the better. The framing from directors, Nache Green and Vince Lance, is fantastic although I could question the use of social realism conventions in the video being acted rather unrealistically in the basketball scene. Is anyone that bad at sport they just let the other player past with barely moving? Aside from a few issues, I am very happy to see Trev delivering the visuals he promised in our last interview and hope to see more for tracks from “Heights 2”, particularly “Red Cup Blues”. You can watch the video for “Breathe” via Emergency Room Films official YouTube account (Click Here).

What do you think of “Breathe”? Are you happy to see Trev making videos? What track would you like to see Trev make a video for next? Comment below! 

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