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Rachel and the Kings: Soldier Boy (Single Review)

“Soldier Boy” is the song you would listen to on those rainy summer days, and cold winter nights. When you are pining for that one person you want, but can’t have. With thousands of songs written about love,  the band behind the song, Rachel and the Kings, give the ballad of confession a new sound.  A smooth and atmospheric guitar opens the song. It’s dissonance leads you into the crisp vocals. Rich in tone, Rachel’s voice blends into the harmonies of the driving melody. The use of deep bass drums adds distance and depth to the track. With a variety of instruments throughout the song to move it along, every new segment pulls deeper and deeper into the songs musical structure (especially at 3:53).
The lyrics tell a classic theme but in a unique metaphor. The use of War as a comparison to a relationship might seem harsh, but the words used paint a picture to the listener that is an alternative to what we hear on the radio today. “Soldier Boy” is a great pop-rock/alternative ballad full of amazing vocals and musicians that know their stuff.



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