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It’s quite nice of you to put out free mix-tapes here and there, but aren’t you ready to start making money for what you do? I mean dang, $100 for a mix-tape cover, another what, $200 for CD duplication? Oh and let’s not forget the cost of studio time if you don’t own your own, or if you don’t have a very generous friend who has plenty of free time. The point is, it all adds up, and for an indie artist like yourself trying to get your name out there, it’s not cheap. The truth of the matter is that not everybody who’s good will get signed. So to you I say, stop waiting…stop waiting for a record deal, STOP WAITING to get paid for what you do. So once you’re good enough, and have a large enough following you can start making money right now. People like myself are willing to pay for good music. For example I paid $1 for Bop Skizzum’s Heavy Petting song, and now I’m saving up $7 to buy SP Double’s latest album. Catch my drift? Well when you’re ready to stop waiting, I put together a couple music industry contracts that you can edit to fit your situation. I suggest you utilize them, even with your best friend(one word, Facebook.), because when you’re making big money everybody will want their cut. Good luck, and remember….business is business.

*Always consult with a lawyer*


  1. Producer royalties Contract
  2. Recording studio contract
  3. Photographer contract
  4. Royalty agreement contract
  5. Sales contract
  6. Recording contract
  7. Distribution contract
  8. Performance contract
  9. Master recording license
  10. Personal management cotract
  11.  And more!….

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