Featured Mixtape: Tripper Jones – “Liquid Drops”

Tripper Jones, formerly known as Rithim, has been on our radar for a while now. Watching or better yet, listening to his progression thus far has given us evidence of how serious he is about his music. Coincidingly, his newest project “Liquid Drops” is the quintessential example of an artist striving to perfect their craft. Very few projects come out of the MileHI city where you can truly just hit play and vibe out… this is one of them. The crazy thing about “Liquid Drops” is that almost EVERY SINGLE TRACK is worthy of a repeat. Now that’s trippy.

If you’re on a computer hit DOWNLOAD. If you’re on your phone text LISTEN to 24587


Favorite Track: The City


Connect: twitter.com/tripperj0nes

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