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Treyy G: Interview

Treyy G is an up and coming producer hailing from Colorado by way of Cali. He’s one half of the Hiphop duo TKG, which is how we first discovered him. One of his most recent mixes “Trumpsta” with Contiez has garnished him worldwide recognition which you have to admit is well deserved. From his catchy hooks to eclectic mixes, his reputation is that of a hit maker. To us it seemed like over night he was on every EDM flyer in Colorado, supporting some of the biggest names in the Trap game. We truly believe that it’s only a matter of time before he’ll be headlining shows all over the world. Actually…we’re willing to bet on it. Get to know him…

Did you learn how to mix on your own or did someone teach you?

Treyy G: I Learned on my own!

Who are some of the producers that inspire your creativity?

TG: Well, i’m inspired by many producers by my main inspiration comes from Calvin Harris, Zedd, & Deadmau5.

Who are some of the producers you don’t like?

TG: There’s not too many producers I don’t like, If I don’t mind them, I just don’t listen.

What software and gear are you using, and what software and gear do you wish you had???

TG: I’m using FL Studio 11 for producing & Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus set up for Live show, Couldn’t ask for anything more!

How would you sum up your music in 2 words?

TG: Bang Bang

What was the first EDM concert you went to? 

TG: Glo5 In Colorado Springs Jan 23rd 2010.

Denver is a HUGE market for EDM, but what other city do you dream of playing a show in and why?

TG: One place I dream of playing is Ibiza, and because its also a huge world wide staple for EDM music!

In regards to your workflow, do you work on multiple tracks at once or do you start one finish it then start on the next?

TG: I work quick, so I’m usually working on 7-10 different tracks at once, not including track I do vocals for!

Dude, “Trumpsta” is all over the web! How does it make you feel knowing that all these people that don’t even know you are listening to your music?

TG: It’s great, really one of the main reasons I make music. I love sharing the love of music with others that love music just as much as I do, haha.

What was your biggest obstacle when you were first starting out, and how did you overcome it?

TG: Learning the politics to the Colorado EDM scene, and honestly, you can’t overcome it.. It’s something that will always be there!

What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment thus far?

TG: I wish I could share, but the announcement Is kept in close only for a little longer, but as of now, Trumpsta signing to Kontor records, Ministry of sound & reaching 8,000,000+ Views and counting about 60-70K Plays A Day.

If everything goes just as you plan, where or what do you see yourself doing in the next 5 years?

TG: Only time can tell!

We all have those few people who have had our back and supported us to the fullest since the beginning; who are those people around you?

TG: My mother, my girlfriend, my sisters/family and my bestfriend Austin!



Make sure you follow Treyy G on Twitter: & like his Facebook page:

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