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Strange World Part I: Krizz Kaliko Interview [Audio]

I must admit I was a bit anxious. I mean the man has established himself as a heavyweight. One the founding father’s of all that is Strange. In his presence his composed confidence is immediately evident. Underneath the calm surface lies a creative maniac. A rapper…no singer…no rapper who defies all attempts to categorize his craft. When conversing with Krizz Kaliko, what prevails is a person that is so earnestly humble and passionate. A passion that pushes his perfectionism. A perfectionism that has molded Krizz Kaliko into a true master of music; and what should really make you anxious…he’s only getting started.




About Demi

A love for music was cultivated in me from conception. That love has harvested an obsession, an addiction that I just can't quit. From the moment I could hold a pen, I can remember writing songs with my dad; composing melodies with him and brainstorming ideas. I would wake up late at night, and he'd be in the living room writing, singing, and altering his clothes to fit his individuality. Like most children, I remember wanting to be like him, and wanting to create something that would make him proud. Creation was our connection, especially through music. Since then, music and its cousin poetry have been my means of connecting with the world and conveying my beliefs. Music has and always will be my motivator, my comforter, my hype-man, my confidant, my psychologist, my professor, the one that truly understands me. I'm not selfish though, I want to share music with the world. I understand that music can embody everything, for everybody. Music is one of the universal constants that crosses all boundaries. So let's get connected.
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