Fundamental Thoughts

Set the Mood

I’m in the mood tonight. I got this hunger for you that needs to be silenced. And if you let me satisfy this hunger, I promise that it will be worth it. So let me…talk to you.

Let me get you open. Let me go deeper and be your mind’s fantasy as I tentatively seduce your conscience to release itself. Tonight I’m craving for some conversation, word penetration, so I want the sensation of what I’m saying to get your mind’s juices flowing like the rhythm of our heart beats. Your words like honey stay so sweet to my ears, and don’t you know the way you let those blessed words flow got me open the way I wanted you to be?

Well tonight you’ll see.

Tonight it’s all about you. I’m going to stroke and tease your mind until your mind’s metaphorical leg shakes and gushes sweet facts, thoughts, and opinions which will all be sucked up… by my ears, until eventually you feel drained.

See, most guys don’t understand that making love and making conversation are almost identical. First off, I’m going to use my words and the bass of my voice to render your mind helpless. Then, I’ll slowly take each layer off…your walls defending your heart and mind are coming down as soon as I whisper, “Talk to your man” into your ear. Then I’ll slowly slide up behind you and as you stand there naked of insecurities, doubts, and worries, and as you indulge in the feeling of my arms around your waist holding you the way you’ve always wanted to be held…I put it in. Understand the difference between love making and what I’m doing is what I put in won’t ever be able to come out, because trust, respect, and a new outlook on what a man should be lasts longer than the hour or two we would have shared otherwise.

I want to know everything that you’ve always wanted to share with someone, but no one deemed worthy of such treasure. Your words, priceless. Our time, endless. The time I have to listen to you talk… limitless, like your level of thought. I want to swim in the juices of your reflections, so every question I ask is a stroke to get you flowing, get you soaking, and not a drop will be wasted on me…guess you could say I’m drinking it all in. And as you lie, thoroughly drained, I’ll remind you that everything that just happened stays between you and I, and no one needs to know. I want you to know that the only time I’d lie to you is if I’m lying next to you, so fall asleep on your king’s chest, and listen as your heart beat matches mine. You were made for me as I was made for you…and that rib under your heart proves that to be true.

I have every night to be your lover. And tonight I’m loving your mind, and until every drop of your conscious cries are accounted for, I’m remaining hungry.

Come over here and give me something to eat Queen.

*Dedicated to my queen, Sherryce*

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