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No Glue 2: Album Review

Denver’s own Pries (pronounced ‘pr-ee-ce’) recently released NO GLUE 2; the sequel to No Glue. It’s definitely one of his better pieces of work. From content and beat selection, to features and final mastering, everything is on point. On this album he gives you a track for every mood you could possibly be in.  For instance, “Never Made It”(one of our favorites) has that personal approach, like “this is me, and this is my struggle”. Ashleigh Munn on the hook gives it that soulful sound that connects with the heart. On another side “Waste No Time” featuring Kid Ink, is a track you could imagine your girl listening to when she’s getting ready to start her day. And for the fellas, “Look at Me (My Cocky Song)” is exactly what you are thinking on that Friday afternoon heading to the bank to cash your check. Overall, No Glue 2 has that creativity that deserves national recognition. And when you consider that seven-thousand, plus people took fifteen or so minutes out of their day to download it, you can allude to the fact that Pries has a pretty loyal fan base. However, what we would like to see is how creative Pries can get outside of his comfort zone (which is hip-hop). A collaboration with the Colorado rock band, The Epilogues, is sure to introduce both sides to a new audience which means new fans and possibly greater recognition.  But enough of what we think. Tell us what you think about No Glue 2

Download it HERE! (

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