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L Keys Q&A

After releasing “Street Famous” recently I contacted Colorado’s L Keys for an interview. The mixtape earned itself a rating of 4.25/5 in my review and I was intrigued to the man behind the music. He is apart of the hottest music group in Colorado right now and is one of the most versatile artists I have heard flowing fluently between Hip Hop and R&B with conventions of other genres mixed in too. If you haven’t already downloaded “Street Famous” then I strongly advise doing so, for now, here is the interview where you can find out who L Keys dreams of collaborating with, the reasoning for the title of the tape and his response to my criticism of the “Alien” track. 


For those reading, who may not have heard of you, give us a brief insight to you and your music…

My name is Lkeys I’m a superstar in the making..[laughs]. Not your average rapper, an entertainer just trying to tell his story through music.

What are your reasons for calling your mix-tape “Street Famous”?

Really, I feel that’s what I am. I’m someone who is street famous making a transition to becoming world famous.

How successful has the mixtape been? or has it been a disappointment?

The project has been successful, It has woke a lot of people up, and that was my goal. Job ain’t done though, I still have to reach more ears.

What is your personal favorite song from the mixtape?

I honestly couldn’t say. I think the one that I felt more passionate about would be “Dreaming”

I criticized the song “Alien” in my review of the tape. Would you like to take this chance to argue against my opinion?

[laughs] No, I wouldn’t argue it. That’s your opinion,  and I respect that. I know some people that would strongly disagree but to each its own you know. My whole aim was to make a project full of songs that I knew everyone would feel. I feel I did that.

The mixtape indicated you have an ability to move from various sub genres of hip hop to even a little R&B. For the next mixtape can we expect a different approach more focused to one style, or a similar variety of styles?

For the next one just expect the unexpected. That what I wanted to show with “Street Famous”; versatility, I wanted people to see it’s no telling what I’m going to do next. But whatever I do, it’s going to be dope!

Do you think the Mood Music cosign for Trev Rich has helped yourself and Squizzy gang as well?

Its helped Trev, and its great to see him involving into what we been known we was from the jump, STARS. We all have our own lanes, and that’s what makes us one of the best! Squizzy…

If you could choose anyone in the world to collaborate with, who would you choose?

Jay Z.

What is your opinion on the current state of Hip Hop in Colorado? Do you feel you might have to move to a state with a more prominent Hip Hop scene in order to elevate further?

To be honest, I’m very impressed to see how far the state of Colorado Hip Hop has came. It’s a lot of dope artist in Colorado that the world is sleeping on. I do feel our market isn’t a easy market to break out  but can be done. Regardless of where you’re at you’re going to  have to leave where you are at to build your fan base.

Any last words to share with the world? Promotions…Jokes…Social Networking details? 

Yeah, If u haven’t heard ‘STREET FAMOUS” please go listen Follow me on twitter @Lkeys303, IG: Lkeys303, Facebook/Lkeys303, For bookings contact! SQUIZZY


If you haven’t already, download Street Famous(click here) and follow L Keys on Twitter(click here). Let me know what you think of this post via twitter(click here) ending your posts with #StreetFamous. Read my review of Street Famous(click here) or my personal blog for reviews of music outside of Colorado(click here).

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