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Kid Vegas: Fuego (Single Review)

“Taking Her Clothes Off While She Dancing On The Table; She Fuego!”


I have no idea what the hell “Fuego” is or what it means, but one thing for sure is it makes for a superb song which hypnotised my ear drums and left me desperate to replay due to its addictive instrumental and captivating chorus. Despite the fact I’ve been covering the MileHi states Hip Hop scene for over six month now, I have not heard a rapper as commercial from Colorado as the radio-ready Kid Vegas. Despite mainstream music currently connoting that the artists on the radio aren’t as talented as those underground, it is arguable that Kid Vegas is as talented as the top-tier emcees from Colorado. The only thing is he is talented at something, many Hip Hop heads ridiculously refuse to respect.

Vegas has a knack for creating club-hop tracks, and they’re enjoyable and entertaining from ¬†remixing “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt” to “Addicted 2 Tha Lif3” which samples “Walking On A Dream” – A track which is a spark of genius for a Hip Hop remix hook. Despite club-hop being synonymous with being monotonous, Vegas manages to keep me paying thorough attention by remaining versatile. One song the Denver rapper is sounding similar to Squizzy Gang’s L Keys, the next I’m noticing shades of Lil Wayne. ¬†“Fuego” itself is pretty similar to Gabriel Alexander’s “Electric City” mixtape verses with an equally brilliant beat to Bbeck’s production.

Whatever “Fuego” is, I’m disappointed I haven’t been introduced to the song before. Denver’s clubs should be playing this Kid Vegas track. He may not be the best rapper, or the most intelligent lyricist, but Vegas is a very entertaining artist and one I will be eager to hear from again. You can listen to Kid Vegas via his SoundCloud (Click Here) and I highly recommend “Elope” if you’re not a big fan of Club-Hop. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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