Featured Album: Roo & The Howl – “ME/WE”

Roo & The Howl’s newest project, ME/WE, is one of those albums that comes along once in a blue moon to remind us what music can really do. From sad and somber tunes to the ones that can remind you of your own inner strength, ME/WE has songs that will really reach all parts of your heart. I was especially blown away by “Walk On”. While these tracks have a folk music feel to them this music is meant to have a little something for everybody. The vocals and instrumentals work together to create the right kind of peaceful music that will be welcomed on anyone’s playlist.


More info: www.rooandthehowl.com

About Julian Martinez

I am Julian Martinez, an aspiring reporter and investigator. The music industry as a business has always fascinated me so i took the time to learn backstage work, sound and lighting and every bit of prep that comes with putting on a proper performance. I am experienced in every genre and type of show and will continue to expand my musical knowledge while attending college for a career in reporting and journalism.
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