Featured Album: Late Night Radio – “Soap Box”

Alex Medellin, or Late Night Radio as you may know him, has come forth and just dropped his newest and first album through Super Best Records. This infant of a record label is already lookin’ like a strong and healthy young man, with Mux Mool‘s  “Appetite For Production,” and LNR’s “Soap Box,” dropping within three days of each other. This soulful, genre-melting project that LNR has put together is a wonderful example of why we love the ruckus that the whole Super Best squad brings. With tracks ranging from thoughtful soul-searcher’s like “Forever In A Day,” to chunky mid-tempo jams like “Tree Trunks,” the album shows a sonic eclecticness perfect for all lovers of music, especially those electro hip-hop enthusiasts. Like a speaker on a podium, LNR stands atop his own”Soap Box” to deliver a message both positive and pleasing to the ear, make sure to give it a listen.


More info: www.SuperBestRecords.co

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