Fundamental Thoughts

A Requiem to You Love.


I picture you sometimes and wonder how it could of been.

If maybe only everything about our circumstances was different.

See really thats the only thing that ruined us…circumstances.

I couldn’t alter the fact that you were broken when I met you.

Beautifully jagged and seductively tragic…I was sucked into your sinkhole.

But it wasn’t all you…I had cracks in my construction too, and thats probably why we were so attracted.

Except the collection of our fragments…didn’t connect to create one cohesive piece.

Leaving us painfully disfunctional…leading to our beautiful decease.

But I will say this….our love was a beast.

Magnetic and powerful in a spontaneously combustible way.

So unpredictable.

One minute were smitten sittin’ comfortable…

And the next instant we seem to be the author of each others problems.

This is where it gets ironic and demented…because we were the only ones who could solve them.

Every emotional bruise you inflicted, could only be healed with your attention, and always always…

The, “I hate you I wish you would die.”…metamorphosed into “I love you and I never meant to make you cry.”

But still we continued to lie.

Not just lies that fractured our trust like, “Don’t trip, thats just a friend.”

But lies about the nature of us, like how we were so opposite, and not in the complimentary way.

More like, our incompatibility is causing contemptment to flourish.

The resentment was leaving our love malnurished.

Because I…gave you all the parts of me, parts I never knew existed.

Then you went and did some b*t$h s%i#…cuz insecurity had you twisted.

Maybe you thought…you would hurt me before I could hurt you.

But that was never my intention.

Even when you annoyed me to my wits end.

Your smile was more than sufficient incentive.

I would of…been everything that you could ever need.

If you would have matched my loyalty.

But no amount of denial could diminish the facts.

Our cons outweighed our pros, and I wish I could go back…

Cover our tracks and meet you in another lifetime, where we would be a positive match.

Still, I picture you sometimes.

And in my mind you have that glimmer in your eyes that initially captured me.

And I remember that we used to write poetry together.

How you enhanced my creativity and encouraged me.

You saw into the internal me…crept deep inside.

Cradled the soft parts I usually hide.

That made me vulnerable…which is the most terrifying emotion I am capable of possessing.

Which had me up late nights obsessing.

About your touch…

About your lips…

About how much I really missed…just talking to you.

Like you actually listened, not just waited until I was through…

With what I was saying so we could go back to talking about you.

Thats what gets you addicted to a person.

The little things that give a love endurance.

Like random moments of passion that gave me reassurance.

That I had things locked down…cuffed without restraints.

I never had complaints…and neither did you.

Somehow all our fire sparked a fuse…

Igniting heated disputes.

And now…all of that tenderness has been incinerated.

And all that compassion has turned to indignation.

I guess our adoration had an expiration.

When love dies…for awhile things are complicated.

Because no one wants to lose that intense sensation.

That vibrant thing that brings illumination to all the darkness.

Love addicts…we’d go back for another fix.

Even though the high will never be the same…

After so much abuse…

Our love just didnt hit the way it use to.

Instead of going for another injection.

We just walked away

And left our love…

Not so Peacefully resting.






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Samrawit Alem
Samrawit Alem
12 years ago

I love it you always have a way of keeping your description so passionate. Your words provoke emotion keep it up!

12 years ago

Love it. Keep up the good work. CHEA

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