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15 Colorado Rappers You Need To Know (2020)

11/23/2020 – Thanks for stopping by! We’re updating this list over the next month. There are a ton of new rappers in Colorado and some of the rappers on this list are no longer active. If you happen to be a dope rapper, post a link to your Spotify profile in the comments below so we can feature you.

We really want to show the world that Colorado is a breeding ground for dope rappers. The more musically inclined attention are state gets, the better it is for everyone. Hopefully, you’re an artist we get to work with in the near future!


It might come to your surprise, but Colorado is full of talented rappers. And yes, we know, “everyone’s a rapper”, but below are 15 really great Colorado rappers we think you should know AND SUPPORT. So, if you like their music, let’em know!

Trev Rich

Latest Project: Rain In The Summer

Twitter: @TrevRichHD

Fan Page: www.Facebook.com/TrevRichHD

Notable Song: “Good Vibes”

Why you need to know him: Trev Rich is undoubtedly at the top of the Colorado rap game. He was good enough for Joe Budden to give him his own track on his A Loose Quarter mixtape. He was good enough for KS107.5 to ask him to perform at Summer Jam 2014. The great thing about Trev is that he reps the Mile High City with so much passion, that when his fans think of him, they’ll have no choice but to think about Denver.

2020 Update

Trev is still dope and making music. I’ll actually ask him for a follow-up interview soon. Check out our Interview with Trev Rich


Latest Project: 19KRAZY8

Twitter: @MrG5th

Fan Page: N/A

Notable song: “Friendzone”

Why you need to know him: AP is a lyrical beast. He expresses so much emotion when he raps – you can’t help but relate to the man. His last project 19Krazy8 was a definite success; you could let the whole CD play from beginning to end without hitting skip and surely without being disappointed.

2020 Update

A.P. Keeps getting doper. His music is crazy. We’ll also do a follow-up interview with him soon.

Trayce Chapman

Latest Project: Contraband

Twitter: @TrayceChapman

Fan Page: www.Facebook.com/TrayceChapman

Notable song: “The Downfall”

Why you need to know him: Trayce, is one of the most versatile up and coming rappers in the state of Colorado. He can hop on any beat and deliver bars that’ll have you bobbing your head in agreement. His mass appeal makes his road to success that much more achievable.

2020 Update

Trayce is a straight-up artist. We’ll do an interview with him soon as well.


Latest Project: Am I Famous Yet? vol.2

Twitter: @MossOfficial

Fan Page: www.facebook.com/mossofficial

Notable song: “Redemption”

Why you need to know him: Colorado Moss brings a unique swagger to the Colorado hip hop scene. His synthesis of singing and rapping creates harmony that is hard to come by out here.

Papa J

Latest Project: 55 ep

Twitter: @PapaJRuiz

Fan Page: www.facebook.com/PAPAJogt

Notable song: “Kiss The Sky”

Why you need to know him: You’d be surprised at how popular Papa J is around the world. We can attest that his music is listened to in almost all corners of the world. Residing in Aurora, Colorado, this humble MC has an international appeal that few in his home town are aware of.


Latest Project: Perfect Storm EP

Twitter: @SplytMusic

Fan Page: www.facebook.com/splytmusic

Notable song: “Mountain High”

Why you need to know him: Splyt is buzzing around town. He’s opened up for G-Eazy, and a few other heavy hitters in the music biz. His growth seems to be exponential as he keeps getting better and better with every new song. Not to mention he has some of the most loyal fan’s you’ll ever see. Without a doubt, Splyt knows how to rock a crowd and leave them wanting more.


Latest Project: Young Amsterdam

Twitter: @FdotLawless

Fan Page: www.facebook.com/HeyFL

Notable song: “Time”

Why you need to know him: FL is part of the hip hop super group, The Foodchain. His latest solo project was no short dope. And when a new FL track drops you already know it’s going to be a song that you’ll have on repeat for months to come.

Tommy Brown

Latest Project: Covered In Gold 24K

Twitter: @TommyGun5280

Fan Page: www.facebook.com/TheOfficialTommyBrown

Notable song: “In This Bitch”

Why you need to know him: Tommy Brown might just be the king of catchy hooks in this town. And to date, you can almost always expect this homegrown MC to surpass his peers when it comes to visuals. This dude is going to be big…


Latest Project: Revenge Of The Nerd

Twitter: @IAMPRIES

Fan Page: www.Facebook.com/IAMPries

Notable song: “Foreal”

Why you need to know him: Pries is no stranger to success. He started from the bottom and now he’s reaping the benefits of being on top. Recently he made Billboard’s list of top 100 emerging artists; at one point sitting at number 13. He’s worked with Kid Ink , and he’s also designed some of the dopest album covers for other big names in the industry. It’s only a matter of time before he’s selling out arenas.

KL Tha General

Latest Project: n/a

Twitter: @KLTheGeneral

Fan Page: N/A

Notable song: “B-Wordz”

Why you need to know him: KL might be relatively new to the music scene in Colorado, but his music and his swagger is going to take him far. He’s perfected the club banger. He understands the importance of a catchy hook, easy wordplay and a beat that only works on blast. He’s definitely and artist you want to keep tabs on.

2020 Update

KL was a big part of the rap community in Denver. Unfortunately, he was taken from us too soon. #LLKL

Russell Grande

Latest Project: Trivia

Twitter: @RussellGrande

Fan Page: www.facebook.com/gmuzik5280

Notable song: “Vice” (Feat. Delasean)

Why you need to know him: When Russell Grande is teamed up with his cohort Delasean they make incredible music, but on his solo Russel is nothing short of incredible himself. He makes that music that you can vibe to under all circumstances.

Rasean Douja

Latest Project: n/a

Twitter: @RaseanDouja

Fan Page: www.facebook.com/RaseanDouja

Notable song: “Tears of Joy”

Why you need to know him: Colorado up and comer, Rasean Douja, is all too reminiscent of J.Cole in our opinion. He brings this authentic poetic sound to the Colorado rap game, which manages to make you want to hear more of his story. With each song, you never know what you’re going to get, but it’s highly unlikely Rasean Douja will ever disappoint.

Mr. Midas

Latest Project: Red Cards Green Bottles

Twitter: @therealmrmidas

Fan Page: www.facebook.com/theRealMrMidas

Notable song: “Ask About Me”

Why you need to know him: MR. Midas is  a California transplant, who knows exactly what he’s doing in the box state. His live performance stands out among his peers, and his music just makes you want to get up and get hyphy.


Latest Project: OTG

Twitter: @IAmDelasean

Fan Page: www.facebook.com/ShockNationENT

Notable song: “Nowadays”

Why you need to know him: Delasean has one of the smoothest flows in the state. He can body any beat effortlessly, and along with his comrade Russel Grande (also on this list) they put on one of the greatest performances you’ll ever see from a Colorado hiphop act. In short, Delasean is no fan of mediocrity.

A Meazy

Latest Project: The Real Ned Flanders

Twitter: @AMeazy_OHM

Fan Page: N/A

Notable song: “Juice”

Why you need to know him: Every now and then an artist comes along with a unique sound and a message to match. For Colorado, A Meazy is one of those artists. Void of the bull**** lyrics you’ll often hear in any local music scene, A Meazy possesses what many of us search for when scouring for new music to love…authenticity.


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M.A. Capone
M.A. Capone
1 year ago
2 years ago
Steven Van Winkle
Steven Van Winkle
2 years ago

Check out Overdoze HL ENT AKA GFC GANG on #SoundCloud

Steven Van Winkle
Steven Van Winkle
2 years ago

How can I send u all my info Steven Van Winkle is a upcoming American Rapper and R&B artist. He was born in Aurora, Colorado and Raised in Greeley, Colorado. At a young age he realized his passion for music and began rapping at the age of ten. By the time he was fifteen he was on stage performing. Steven’s Rapper/Artist alias is  “Overdoze”.

2 years ago

How’s it going? I have some great new music for you guys to check out it’s by a local Colorado springs mc from The Bronx New York. He goes by the name of “Versis747” you can find him with Google on multiple platforms. He’s an established artist worth some recognition. Also has connects to other underground artist as well. Please don’t take this lightly but he’s coming. And guess what he’s only getting better. Once again just Google “Versis747” you won’t be disappointed… Drake watch out

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