Title: MileHImusic.com presents WORD 4 WORD

What: A monthly poetry contest in which poets compete to win a grand prize of $200.

When: December ??, 2013

8:30pm – 11:00pm

8:30-9pm – Open-mic

9:05 – 9:55pm- Round One (10 poets)

10 minutes to vote

10:05- 10:30pm – Round Two (5 poets)

10 minutes to vote

10:40-10:50pm – Round Three (2 poets)

10 minutes to vote

11:00pm – 11:05pm – Announce winner


Where: The Meadowlark – 2701 Larimer St. Denver, CO. 80205

Admission: $5.00 at the Door | $3.00 if you RSVP

Registration: Poets can enter this contest via www.mileHImusic.com/register (21+)

Sponsored by:


About Event: 

WORD 4 WORD is MileHI Music’s freshly launched poetry contest. Every month, some of Colorado’s most talented poets will gather together under one roof and battle it out round-for-round for a chance to win a grand prize of two-hundred dollars ($200.00).

The Guests in attendance at WORD 4 WORD will act as judges. After each round is complete, voting cards will be tallied and the poets with the most votes will move forward on to the next round. Ten poets start off the first round, but only five poets will move onto the second round. From there, the two poets with the most votes will move on to the third and final round. You decide who wins…


December Participants:

1. Franklin Cruz

2. Dominique Sample

3. Jerimiah Black

4. Trever Stradley

5. Erick Meza







 The 1st 50 people in the door will be entered for a chance to win a bottle of COLORADO VODKA to enjoy while you’re there!!!