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Trev Rich: I Would Have Told Her (Single Review)

“Most Important Of All, I Would Have Told Her, I Love Her”

Never has an artist ripped their heart out of their chest and packed into a song this good since Eminem released “Difficult” or Joe Budden released “Mood Muzik 4.5”. “I Would Have Told Her” epitomises what ‘mood music entertainment’ is all about as Trev Rich delivers an account of what he would have told his daughter if he had of know “the last time, was the last time” he would see her and it is genuinely touching how much love he has for his children. His love for his son and daughter aren’t clear just because of Trev’s emotionally resonating lyricism packed with a plethora of pathos but the tone in which Trev delivers each syllable. You would be forgiven if you expected Trev to be bitter, aggressive maybe even genocidal in his delivery of a song about not seeing his children, but Trev isn’t any of those. Frankly, Trev is heartbroken on this track.

Rather than focus his attention on his children’s mother, a typical approach by many Hip Hop artists to address the issue and threaten her with what usually ends up as nothing more than empty threats, Trev focuses the entire 128 seconds on his children. Trev acknowledges he has done wrong in the past and shows more than a fair share of remorse whilst sharing his story as he admits “I know I ain’t the best person, but that wouldn’t matter if she felt I was the best pops”. More importantly however, he explains how he wants to make amends with lines such as “I would have told her its okay to be weird, its okay to be smart” and “I would tell her every nigga that come in ain’t worth it, at the same time every nigga ain’t cheating” which may be an indication as to what has happened between Trev and his ex-partner.

Move over Joe, we have a new ‘mood God’ if “I Would Have Told Her” is any indication of what is to come from the future. “Most important of all, I would have told her, I love her” might be the most touching line in Hip Hop history. If “I Would Have Told Her” doesn’t pull at your tear ducts and heart strings then you musn’t have a heart. For my own personal taste nothing will ever top “Dear Ma” for me, but if I had a daughter, I can imagine I’d align with this track just as much. If you’re a parent, you might want to keep a tissue at the ready before pressing play on this song.

If you want to hear the song, you’re going to have to download the “Heights 2” mixtape when Trev Rich releases it on the 7th of June 2013. Follow @_TrevRich for a download link, the second that the mixtape is available. Follow myself (@MrHawthorn) for more of my opinions on Hip Hop, links to my blog articles and other relevant tweets relating to the Hip Hop industry. You can read my review of the entire “Heights 2” tracklist at Please leave comments on what you think of this review, are you looking forward to the release of “Heights 2”? Does “I Would Have Told Her” sound like a great song for you? If you are reading this after listening to the track do you agree/disagree with me? Let me know!

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11 years ago

Produced by TrunkKnockaz! Great Review !ch

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