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Talent Among Us

There is an inescapable smile that invades my face when I see Champ and Hammer, the members of T.A.U. (Talent Among Us). I have a feeling I’m not the only one they effect that way. Something about these guys is so radiant and contagious. When they’re in a room it fills with positive energy. Obviously this vibrancy transcends into their music. All I have to do is press play on one of their songs, and that familiar smile comes around again.

T.A.U. is a dynamic and energetic duo – Champ and Hammer play off of each other’s style so smoothly. After watching them perform there was no doubt in my mind that they have what it takes to make it. My opinion has been co-signed by several others.

Champ plays the role of charming crooner – appealing to the ladies in the crowd with his soulful and seductive vocals. In the next instance, he’s spitting out lines that the fellas can relate to. Then there’s Hammer who epitomizes calm, cool, and collected. The spitter of the two; Hammer owns a quiet confidence, and when united with his raspy tone attention is commanded.

The Mile High City can proudly claim T.A.U.. Born and bred in Denver, Champ and Hammer have been friends since middle school. As a result their flavors congeal on stage making for a seamless performance. T.A.U. has been brewing for years but evolved into a more serious effort when they decided to launch a joint project in 2011, aptly titled “Talent Among Us”.  The title’s undeniable ring morphed into the group’s name. Champ and Hammer found it depictive of their world, their fellow artists, and of course their collaboration. The track dedicated to their name, “T.A.U.” is a feel good banger. The lighthearted and carefree vibe transports me to breezy summer afternoons when there isn’t a worry in the world.

To make good music an artist must pour in a heavy dose of time, energy, and honesty. Sometimes the long hours and hard work don’t garner the recognition they deserve, which Champ and Hammer concur is the most frustrating aspect of making music. However, for T.A.U. the hindrances never outweigh the reward of knowing their product made even one person smile and reflect. As Hammer said, “I want my music to give people goose bumps. I want them to listen to a record and feel obligated to share it with a friend. As long as they are feeling any emotions, I know I am doing my job.”

As you listen to T.A.U it becomes apparent that music is much more than a job. Over Outkast’s “Prototype” beat, their song “Survival” is a proclamation of music being a reward within itself. ”Survival” personifies music as the ideal partner. Hammer flatters harmonies with romantic lyrics, and Champ caresses the melody with sensual vocals. With each of them taking their turn ravishing the song, the result is spell-binding music that leaves you craving more. That’s the mark of quality music – it turns us into addicts always looking for another hit.

Luckily for us, T.A.U. doesn’t have any shortage of supplies; keeping us from withdrawal.  Soundcloud hosts a collection of their product and you can find them under Talent Among Us. I encourage everyone to go get a sample. Then, because I know you’ll be itching for more, find them on Facebook under Talent Among Us and stay updated on their upcoming performances and new endeavors.  The duo will be making some appearances around the metro area soon, lend them your ear and you’ll find your face being invaded by an inescapable smile.

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