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Make Affordable Music Videos With Rotor’s Online Music Video Creator (2020)

11/23/2020 – When we discovered Rotor Videos in 2015 they definitely were not “Trusted by the world’s biggest record labels” lol. They’ve come a long way businesswise. Congrats to them. We look forward to telling you about their new features.

Stay Tuned! is an awesome new web-based application that lets artists make creative music videos for no more than $30 bucks.

If you’re getting ready to release a single, but don’t want to have to deal with the inflated costs or time associated with getting a full-production music video produced, is just for you.

All you need to get started is a handful of video clips and photos that you can shoot on your phone.

Simply login and upload your song. Once your song is uploaded you can choose a theme for your video to be produced in. You can get a better idea of what that means by checking out the music videos made with Rotor at the bottom of this article. Once you’ve picked your theme you can start uploading your videos clips and photos or you can also choose from the stock video provided by Rotor. The stock footage has old and abstract shots, but from looking at the videos, you’ll see that quite a few artists got creative with incorporating them in their videos.

Once you have selected the video and photos you want in your completed projected, you can render your video. Depending on the length of the entire project, it could take a while to render a preview, but once that is complete, you can pay about $30 and then download your music video in HD 1080p format. Standard definition is cheaper, but why bother.

So far seems to be a diamond in the rough that will likely take off once more artists (especially in the United States) catch wind of it.

If you’re spending $30 on fast food, you might as well put it towards your career and see what rotor can do for you.

Have questions? Shoot them a tweet: @RotorVideos

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Sound Waves
Sound Waves
1 year ago

I just wanted to update you on the customer service issue I have experienced with Rotor Videos. Their sales team emails their customers with promotions on their social profiles. I replied to one of their promotions but I was never awarded. I messaged them about 3 times for about 3 months and finally stopped trying as did as well. Their interaction in this issue has been extremely unprofessional and it shows how they shrug things under the carpet and don’t follow up on their promotions issues. I was highly disappointed with Rotor Videos and chose not to use their services… Read more »

Amanda Bauer
Amanda Bauer
6 years ago

i LOVE it,because my friend used it.
she is awesome, gorgeous,beautiful and did not even have to appear in her own few great vids,and it look so great, with her sweet voice singing and another 1 rappin’ (a real sounding rapper)not nicki corny stuff,or corny look so great.i m happy 4 her,and these are great vids here too.

7 years ago

Nice blog. I used Rotor very recently and I was thoroughly satisfied with the quality of the video produced with so little effort. Will definitely use Rotor going forward.
Here’s my video for reference:

7 years ago

Tried using it twice. All I get when I try to preview is “error.” Sent an email a few hours ago, no response yet.

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