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Jimmie Murphy: Guilty Conscience (Single Review)

“Your Guilty Conscience Got You F***** Up”

Colorado’s hottest R&B artist, Jimmie Murphy, is back with another terrific track ahead of the impending release of the highly anticipated “Descendre 2“. “Guilty Conscience” features Murphy’s fellow Squizzy Gang artist Trev Rich, who recently released his own “Heights 2” mixtape, last week. Whenever these two collaborate, they never disappoint and “Guilty Conscience” is no exception.

Jimmie has proven he can rap in the pairs’ most recent collaboration prior to “Guilty Conscience” on Trev’s “Eat” from “Heights 2”, but I am pleased to hear his soulful vocal on this song because his singing is on another level to anything you can hear on the radio at the minute. Although the new Prince, an idol of Jimmie’s, track may get a couple of spins just to prove me wrong.

As Jimmie serenades the microphone about a lover who “thinks theres bitches in this studio” although she is “fucking with these other niggas thinking” Jimmie is “to blame”.  In the background there is a repetitive ad-lib of “Yeah Hoe” which is reminiscent of Justin Timberlakes “Cry Me A River”, albeit less discreet and much more aggressive. I’m not sure how much I like the ad-libbed “Yeah Hoe” because it feels out of place in contrast with Jimmie’s smooth vocal, but it adds an extra level of depth to the track, and there is no complaints about that.

I’m almost getting sick of singing Trev Rich’s praises but it seems like anything coming out of Colorado at the moment is courtesy of, or featuring Trev. It just goes to show how hot Trev is right now, and yet he still has time to collaborate with his fellow Squizzy Gang affiliates. Consistent as ever, Trev delivers another, in a long line of solid verses. Although it doesn’t sound as personal as some tracks from “Heights 2”, which may disappoint some fans, he makes up for that with wonderful word play and an unparalleled delivery.

Whilst these two aren’t quite the same style of Dr. Dre and Eminem who released a song of the same title, they are arguably of the same standard. They deserve that level of fanfare too. I don’t think this is Jimmie and Trev’s greatest collaboration to date, but it is well worth a listen. Make sure you follow Jimmie Murphy on Twitter(here) and await any news on the “Descendre 2” release, or download the original (here) in the mean time. Follow myself (here) for more of my views on music and links to my latest blog posts.  Please comment below any thoughts you have on the song, this post, or in anticipation of “Descendre 2”!


Listen to “Guilty Conscience” on Soundcloud:

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