Featured Song: The Outfit – “Station Wagon Apocalypse”

Are you getting sick and tired of synthesizers all over the place? Pop, dubstep, all of that? Do you just want some rugged rock to jam out to? Look no further because The Outfit commits to all of those demands, and more! “Station Wagon Apocalypse” liberates listeners from the grasps of today’s popular music and positions them under the classic and grungy rock umbrella that they’re dying to hear. Johnston’s vocals awaken the rock and roll “outfit” that these fellas accomplish. There is no way to prevent jumping around or that surging wish to break something when listening to The Outfit!

Check out their upcoming show at Larimer Lounge Sunday, August 17th.



Stay Connected: https://www.facebook.com/choosetheoutfit

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Jonathon Winkler
8 years ago

Cool album cover art, shitty band.