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Vale of Pnath

Vale of Pnath was formed by guitarist Vance Valenzuela, bassist Alan Parades, drummer Jeremy Portz and original vocalist David Lercher in Denver, Colorado in 2006. Shortly after establishing the lineup, they added guitar-guru Mikey Reeves to solidify the melodic and technical beast; afterward heading straight to Dave Otero’s (Cephalic Carnage, Cobalt, The Breathing Process) Flatline Audio studiosto record their four-track EP. Shortly after this self release effort, Tribunal Records got behind the EP and Vale of Pnath by re-releasing it where the group achieved mild popularity, garnered rave reviews from the technical and melodic death-metal community. After a month-long west coast tour, the band returned to Denver to work on new material. Due to complications, vocalist David Lercher was replaced with newcomer Ken Sarafin, who joined as the band signed with Willowtip records. The band released their first full-length, “The Prodigal Empire” on Willowtip records on August 9th, 2011.

Definition: The Vale of Pnath is a vast pit in the underworld.The vale is filled with a mountain-sized heap of bones and is the spot into which all the ghouls of the waking world cast the refuse of their feastings. Enormous worm-like creatures burrow through the vale and often carry helpless victims to the vale, where they are left to die.