Rubedo - MileHI Music


Rubedo is the alchemy of rock and roll.

Their new album “Love Is The Answer” communicates positive mantras overlaying an organic sound of psychedelia, roots, and rock with tasty sprinkles of hip-hop and soul. The result unveils a beacon of new sound vibrating with the continual creation of the universe.

Kyle Gray’s gripping emotive vocals and prodding lyrics give the otherworldly proceedings a human heart. The noisy synths and janky guitars seem capable of creating infinite textures and infinite worlds within the loosely structured psychedelic jams. Although the groups’ music is melodic and familiar, there are plenty of dynamic shifts, bugged-out tones and improvisational excursions to keep them from being a stale attempt at post-pop.

Isaiah “Ikey” Owens, grammy award winning keyboardist for The Mars Volta and Jack White, discovered them very early on, and took them under his wing. He has produced and played on both releases, and he joins them for their live shows on many occasions. Both releases have earned much praise from critics including MySpoonful, RCRD LBL, Bandcamp, Westword, and many others.