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MF Ruckus

If you think you’ve heard it all—every sound every band has to offer—and seen it all—one live set blending into another—and you’ve begun to wonder if seeing another band is worth the bother, just wait ‘til MF Ruckus takes the stage. When that first chord hits, you’ll remember why you got obsessed with music in the first place.
MF Ruckus has only been kicking musical ass for a short time, but their relentless writing and touring has earned them a reputation as one of the best bands around. They consistently redefine the melodies and moods of classic American rock music, and while they have been influenced and inspired by music from all across the spectrum, they defy comparison to any particular band or style. But, with over 150 road dates a year, it is their live set that truly sets MF Ruckus above the competition. The boys have evergy in spades. They leave the guys in the crowd on their feet pleading for more, and the ladies—whom the band attracts like magnets attract iron filings—ready to behave exactly like their fathers wish they would not.
Their audience cuts a wide swath: punkers & metal-heads, sk8ers & hipsters, rock-a-billies & soul daddie crowded side-by-side with hellions, scoundrels, professors and barflies. Check your PC nonsense with the doorman. Get ready to have some fun.
If you’ve heard them before, do it again—like sand dunes, their live show changes with the wind. And if you’ve never had the pleasure, get off your ass. Bear witness: MF Ruckus is in the house.