Megan Burtt - MileHI Music

Megan Burtt

Hey party people. I’m Megan. My band calls me Nutmeg. My friends call me Megs. My high school boyfriend called me Meggers. I hated that. We didn’t last. I grew up in Denver, and I really love the snow. I also love to play dress-up, and I really love my carhartt overalls. I have an issue with peanut butter…or an unhealthy relationship. We are dealing with it. I love music more than anything else I’ve found, which is likely why I happily spend all my time doing something musical. I have a birthmark on my left knee. If it’s true, that freckles and birthmarks and stuff are angel kisses, then angels love the shit outta my left knee. When I retire, I’m going to open a flower/cafe shop. I can’t wait to visit Africa. I can’t wait to learn how to surf. I can’t wait own a house that has a porch and a fireplace. I can’t wait to come play my music for you!

Thanks for jumping in my ride, if even for a short time while procrastinating after your lunch break. Thanks for being curious. Thanks for supporting art. Thanks for supporting music. Thanks for supporting live music. Thanks for inspiring me. Thanks for being a rad human. Thanks for never calling me Meggers.