Katy McAllister

Katy McAllister

Katy McAllister was born Feb 22, in Fort Worth, Texas and raised near Denver, Colorado. Born into a musical family, Katy was passionate and driven to pursue her natural talent from a very young age. She started learning piano at age 4. Encouraged by her family, after they had witnessed Katy’s genuine love of singing, she joined the church choir. She continued with choir throughout most of school and even into college, developing what has become one of her best and most unique assets, her voice.

Katy started seriously writing and composing music the summer after her sophomore year in high school. Since then, quickly filling notebook after notebook with lyrics, Katy has written upwards of 200 songs.

In 2009, Katy was introduced by friends to Tyler Ward, a local musician and producer. After sending him scratch recordings of a few tracks, he fell in love with Katy’s writing style and one of her songs in particular called “Here’s to the Heartbreakers”. This would go on to become the staple that is Katy McAllister. A song that sarcastically toasts boys, not man enough for relationships. Tyler and Katy began working together right away and she has since released a 9 song EP on iTunes. Shortly after meeting Tyler, Katy decided to put school on hold and pursue her musical dream full time.

You can now find Katy writing and recording music right in her parents’ living room, where it all started. She is also performing all over the Denver area and even some surrounding states. She has made a name for herself and established a presence on YouTube, releasing videos and recordings of original music as well as an occasional cover song. With lyrics that are raw and real, people relate to Katy because as she would say, “I put my life experiences out there and write about situations and emotions that affect most people, even if they would never admit it”.

Katy attributes her musical abilities to her mom and dad, both naturally gifted musicians in their own right. Her dream would be to share her music with a larger audience, and help people to understand, as her songs very clearly state, she’s walked a mile in their shoes.
“I feel truly blessed each and every day because I get to make a living doing what I love to do; it’s the only job I’ve ever been any good at!”