Gungor - MileHI Music


The best things in life are often hard to describe, but because it is mankind’s natural instinct to understand the world, there is an attempt to box things into categories. Even the most complex feelings and emotions are neatly organized with made-up labels that over simplify the most beautiful complexities of existence. Music is no different. Genre titles such as “Pop”, “Folk” and “Alternative” are meant to give the listener an idea of what to expect and how to group music together. For the musical collective Gungor, it is not that simple.

It’s not so much an attempt to directly defy the rules of modern music making as much as it’s simply the honest musical response of the Denver based group that sees the world as a beautifully complicated place. Multiple Grammy ® nominations, magazine covers and even a few “Album of the Year” declarations for 2010’s Beautiful Things, proves that listeners are longing for excellent and authentic music, whether it fits the norm or not.

Finding a more apt metaphor — both musical and personal — than a mountain would be difficult for the musical collective known as Gungor. The group’s newest studio creation features all the elements you think of when you visualize a mountain…a challenge, slippery slopes, new discovery and ultimately great beauty. Michael Gungor and his collaborators have forged a new musical identity in a time of personal turmoil, inviting listeners alongside for a journey through both darkness and light, rediscovering life while reinterpreting truth.