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Coles Whalen

I’ve been playing piano for 21 years and guitar for 8. Singing since I can remember. I started writing songs in 2005, the same year I made my first record, Coles Whalen – EP. (Creative title, isn’t it?) Then I set off in a camper to ‘tour the US.’

I made up most of what that means and I learned a lot along the way. A little luck, lots of help and sheer refusal to stop I guess, all got me to 2012 and the release of my 5th record called “I Wrote This for You.” We toured the record all year and had a blast at the shows, thanks to everyone who made the release a big success.

After the long road to “I Wrote This for You” I wasn’t sure I’d ever be saying these words again but… I’m working on another record! Yep, new songs, and a new CD to be released later this year, 2013. We will be slowing down the show schedule a little while I’m writing, but a few dates are already popping up in spring and summer so keep an eye on the schedule and come hang out with us!