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10 Music Industry Clubs on ClubHouse App

10 ClubHouse Rooms Everyone in the Colorado Music Industry Needs To Follow

You definitely have the tools and platforms available to make it mainstream these days, but you won’t if you’re living in a box.

It’s important that you network and make yourself and your music known across all reaches of the internet and of course your own backyard. Enter the ClubHouse App. The latest social media app to take the world by storm.

If you don’t know what it is, take a few minutes to watch this video.

Some nights I’ll be up at 2am working on a project and a music mogul starts a room, invites his or her friends, and next thing you know they’re allowing artists to demo their music for current or future opportunities.

Every money-making opportunity I’ve received in the past three years has been a result of the relationships I’ve established years or months prior.

In fact, how many times have you listened to the come-up story of one of your favorite recording artist or producer and they mention how “so and so” plugged them in?

Networking is one of the easiest catalysts you can add to your music marketing plan.

So, follow us on Clubhouse @mileHImusic and then search for these Music Clubs

  1. Music Industry Execs
  2. Music & Technology
  3. Music HQ
  4. Music, Impact, Culture
  5. Music Entrepreneurs Club
  6. The Music Playbook
  7. More In Music
  8. I Don’t Care: Music Business
  9. Music Supervision & Licensing
  10. Music, Money and Gems
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